A research agenda for the agile and bi intersection.





Agile. Business Intelligence. Management Information Systems. Project Management.


The purpose of this paper is to identify and analyze Business Intelligence (BI) and Agile methodologies literature to establish its current position in Management Information Systems (MIS) to create robust contexts and propose an agenda for future research. A systematic literature review was employed to analyze literature and synthesize findings to clarify the relationship between these subfields. Using Clusters Analysis, it provided a scheme to track this literature for beginners and experienced researchers. From the definition of Agile, we gave objective trends to intertwine the agile market approach with software development and the BI area. The paper concluded with a discussion of pathways to be followed in different academic traditions aiming to develop future studies of the emerging Agile approach in Management Information Systems, while providing an approach for interactions between Agile and BI,  seeking to help researchers and managers who wish to deepen the knowledge about this intersection.


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COSTA LOURO, A. (2023). A research agenda for the agile and bi intersection . Revista E-TECH: Tecnologias Para Competitividade Industrial - ISSN - 1983-1838, 16(1). https://doi.org/10.18624/etech.v16i1.1251