Reverse Supply Chain; Sharing Knowledge; Reverse Logistic; Remanufacturing; Sustainable Competitive Advantage.


The reverse supply chain, in seeking the maximum efficiency of reverse logistics throughout the companies involved, outlines a new and dynamic business environment in which differentiated methods of action are developed, requiring a review of strategic management models to expand and encompass all the complexities of inter-organizational relationships existing among the various links in the supply chain. Inserted in this scenario, the question that intrigues the researchers and that guided this work is the following: how the sharing of knowledge can provide sustainable competitive advantage in the scope of the reverse supply chain? To understand the variables involved in this research question, it was necessary to investigate how knowledge sharing in the operations of the supply chain reversibility in the remanufacturing activity can influence the attainment of a sustainable competitive advantage. In the search for answers, an exploratory-descriptive research was conducted, with a qualitative approach through bibliographical research and case study. The information and critical points that were raised, through interviews, documentary analysis and process mapping. As a result, it can be inferred that the role of knowledge sharing was essential for the success of the strategic measures executed to adapt the reverse logistics activity of the cartridges and could be considered an important strategic resource for knowledge management in the supply chain management In order to positively affect competitiveness results in a sustainable way. In addition, motivational factors and difficulties were presented to perform the reverse logistics activity and some recommendations for optimization of said process.


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Jurema Suely de Araújo Nery Ribeiro, FUMEC

Doutora em Sistemas de Informação e Gestão do Conhecimento

Renata de Souza França, UEMG

Doutora em Sistemas de Informação e Gestão do Conhecimento

Fabio Correa, FUMEC

Doutor em Sistemas de Informação e Gestão do Conhecimento

Fabricio Ziviani, Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais

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Ribeiro, J. S. de A. N. ., França, R. de S. ., Correa, F., & Ziviani, F. (2024). KNOWLEDGE SHARING IN THE REVERSE SUPPLY CHAIN. Revista E-TECH: Tecnologias Para Competitividade Industrial - ISSN - 1983-1838, 17(1).