Accessibility of the node-red iot framework: an integrative review




Node-Red; Accessibility; W3C; Internet of Things; IoT.


Industry 4.0 technologies are rising in the international market, especially the Internet of Things, better known as IoT (Internet of Things). The demand for software development for IoT technologies is also growing. Considering that human beings have several disabilities and specific needs, including among the professionals who can develop and deploy the technology, this work aimed to
understand if there is accessibility in the IoT framework Node-Red®. To do so, an integrative literature review evaluated the use of the Node-Red framework®. We observed how the researchers applied the technologies and if there is accessibility and adequacy to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) rules since the W3C regulates ideal software development standards, including those of accessibility. With the analysis, it was possible to evidence that there are simple movements in favor of User Experience (UX) and accessibility in a generic way in several scenarios, from home use, business, industry, and health. The search results were demonstrated through data categorization, synthesis matrix, and descriptive analysis. The knowledge discussion and synthesis pointed out the contribution points of each paper and the literature gaps on accessibility for an IoT framework. Our findings showed that each paper contributed to this discussion and argued that even though there are no significant limitations pointed out by the authors reviewed for IoT implementation and accessibility, and they also discussed little or nothing about accessibility and W3C standards in their papers.


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Piana, V. J., Silva Pinto Junior, J., & Gonçalves, A. L. (2022). Accessibility of the node-red iot framework: an integrative review. Revista E-TECH: Tecnologias Para Competitividade Industrial - ISSN - 1983-1838, 15(4).

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